Sample Curriculum
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Sample Curriculum

Max Steinberg Israel Public Diplomacy Program

The Max Steinberg Israel Public Diplomacy Program will consist of a combination of workshops and speakers. Students will complete the program with a deeper understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the ability to effectively communicate as Israel advocates to their university peers.


Introduction to History of the Middle East and the Middle East Peace Process

How to Use Social Media for Israel

Discussion of Palestinian Politics and Society

How to Present Israel’s Position on Your College Campus

Representatives From:


Dr. Michael Oren, Member of Knesset, Kulanu

Mrs. Racheli Fraenkel, Mother of Naftali Fraenkel, victim of 2014 kidnapping and murder

Ms. Gill Rosenberg, Volunteer Soldier Fighting Against ISIS

Mr. Steve Gar, Counter-terrorism Specialist

Mr. Eli Groner- Director General at Office of the Prime Minister of Israel

Mr. Yair Eddie Fraiman, Prime Minister’s Office, Israel Public Diplomacy