Yahya Mahamid – Israeli-Arab Zionist READ BIO
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About This Project

Yahya Mahamid

“Yahya Mahamid is an Israeli-Arab Zionist and StandWithUs educator. Born in Umm Al Fahm, an Arab city in northern Israel,  Yahya had an Arab upbringing.
Like many vocal anti-Zionist activists, he was indoctrinated from childhood to hate Jews and deny Israel’s statehood. However, Yahya began to have regular interactions with “everyday” Israelis which challenged the negative views he had been encouraged to develop. After realizing that he had been intentionally misled, he decided to do everything within his power to combat the negative stereotypes and demonization of Israel. Today Yahya is outspoken activist working for StandWithUs as one of their educators and sharing his personal story around the world.”







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