Sarah Zoabi – Israeli Arab ZionistRead Bio
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About This Project

Sarah Zoabi describes herself as a “proud Arab, Muslim, Zionist Israeli” from the northern city of Nazareth. In October of this year, Mrs. Zoabi addressed the Knesset, expressing her support of the Jewish People, and the right of the Jewish State of Israel to exist. She has called on other Arabs and Arab Israeli citizens to “wake up,” stating that, “We live in paradise. Compared to other countries, to Arab countries – we live in paradise.” Mrs. Zoabi proudly expressed her views on national television as a contestant on the popular cooking show, Master Chef Israel.


Sarah Zoabi was noted for speaking out on social media against the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenage boys in the summer of 2014 in support of her son, Muhammad Zoabi, who earned Internet fame through his viral video. In the video, Muhammad proclaimed his support, pride and loyalty to the State of Israel, and admonishing Hamas for the kidnapping. Mrs. Zoabi’s condemnation of the kidnapping also stood in stark contrast to those of her notable relative, MK Haneen Zoabi, who was investigated for statements praising that kidnapping, and is currently under investigation for inciting the current wave of violence.