Earn a Stipend
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Track 1:The Max Steinberg Israel Public Diplomacy Program

Track 1:
The Max Steinberg Israel Public Diplomacy Program

In response to the growing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments on university campuses, Jeff Seidel Student Center launched The Max Steinberg Israel Public Diplomacy Program (under the advisory of The Israel Government Diplomacy Initiative). The program aims to arm students with the information, context, and perspective needed to become ambassadors for Israel on university campuses.


Spark Jewish Pride on Campuses


Provide participants with facts to discuss and share as advocates for Israel with peers at their home university campuses


Educate participants through presentations by communication experts, media analysts, IDF representatives and survivors of terror attacks


Connect participants with local Israel advocacy groups upon their return to their universities

Track 2:
The Jewish Experience

The Jewish Experience is a semester long leadership and learning program for students attending the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University.  It provides students with the opportunity to bring Judaism alive and make it more relevant to their everyday lives. Many topics are covered including the study of contemporary Jewish issues, ethics and thought. By the end of the semester we hope that students will gain an enhanced perspective of their Jewish Identity in our modern world.


Classes (including dinner) are conducted weekly in our student center at 14 Lechi St. (next to the Dan Hotel). In conjunction with the weekly classes, Shabbat dinners and Shabbatonim are conducted throughout the semester. The Shabbat dinners are offered either at our Student Center, at one of the staff members houses near the University, or through guest hosting arranged through our website www.getshabbat.com.


Shabbaton destinations have included the Golan, Tzfat, Prague, Venice, Moscow and our annual Poland Student Mission. Participants on the Jewish Experience as well as our Max Steinberg Israel Public Diplomacy Program are given first priority as regards acceptance on these trips and our many other programs throughout the semester.

Track 2:The Jewish Experience

Notes About Stipend Eligibility

Applications for any of the three tracks must be filled out and signed before starting the stipend program. Even if a student retroactively qualifies for one of the tracks, he/she will not receive the stipend if an application was not filled out.


Students may apply for multiple stipend tracks. Students can earn $100 per track completed (maximum total of $300); stipends are awarded on a per semester basis. Students must fill out an attendance sheet at each event, and any event missed will result in a deduction. Please note that staff will not chase students to ensure that requirements are fulfilled; this is the student’s responsibility.


For more information, contact Jeff Seidel: jseidel@jeffseidel.com